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Cassandras and What to Do About Them

In their recent book Warnings, former US national security advisors Richard Clarke and R.P. Reddy take an evidence-based approach to identifying persons they call Cassandras. Cassandras are credible forecasters, with solid track records in their fields, who warn of coming existential threats, based on irrefutable data. The book combines case histories of previous Cassandras who […]

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The Celebration Economy

A recent misstatement of this book’s title in a public forum got me thinking. Could there be such a thing as a “celebration economy”? In a sense, it already exists. Tourism is the 6th largest industry worldwide, and tourism is often interwoven with celebration. From that standpoint, a case can be made. On the other […]

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Call for Guest Blogs

A Celebration Society has always been about encouraging discussion. I don’t want to limit this to my point of view, and so we are now opening the blog for others to contribute. Good topics might include: How to start a movement What will enable a Celebration Society to manifest Technologies that are especially relevant or […]

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Robotic Evolution, Accelerating Automation, and Job Loss

Researchers have recently figured out how to impart hive learning capabilities to robots. It’s particularly applicable to the kinds of complex tasks that require observation, trial, error, learning and further trials. This will enable them to collectively learn, in weeks, tasks that would have individually taken the robots years. Essentially, a group of identical robots […]

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Shock therapy, coming soon to your country

Shock therapy is a concept proposed by some economists before the Soviet union collapsed. Essentially, it’s the idea that a command and control economy should be immediately dismantled, to be replaced by market mechanisms. Adam Smith cautioned against this, and it was a disaster in Russia. People who lack a culture of individual responsibility will […]

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The Brangelina Fallacy

As I was watching The Late Show with my wife, the topic of the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce came up on the show. I realized that this is a traumatic event for many people. Then I wondered why. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that people longed for this to be a […]

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architecture in a celebration society

Recently, a prominent architect informed me that he is an ally of ours. I expect that he will in future help to guide us as we organize teams of people to build the first Celebration Society, either in simulation (as I have proposed) or in physical form. I also expect that he will eventually blog […]

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A collaborative creation (more thoughts)

I’ve always viewed a Celebration Society as a collaborative process. After all, if people don’t collaborate in its creation, how will they feel any sense of ownership? When I wrote the book, it was basically the pulling together of a lot of different ideas from a lot of different people. I didn’t really create very […]

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The great error of meritocracies

As my wife recently pointed out, there is a particular error to which meritocracies are prone. While they start out with clear principles favoring merit as the basis for advancement in society, inevitably some of those in exalted positions come to believe themselves inherently superior, rather than superior by virtue of past merit. This fall […]

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Why not make everyone a Citizen?

Some critics of a Celebration Society believe that everyone should be a Citizen. In my view, that diminishes the importance of the title and office. In modern democracies, citizenship is a birthright. As such, its powers and responsibilities often remain little known or taken for granted. While a society can force people to learn these–and, […]