The book’s message has been summarized in multiple ways and levels of detail, supplemented by an FAQ page:

  1. Two minute video
  2. Thirteen words:  “Accelerating automation threatens to displace multitudes of workers. Here is a new solution.”
  3. Three paragraphs: “Accelerating automation threatens multitudes with permanent unemployment. The solutions being discussed, a conventional guaranteed income and retraining, are not sufficient. In the 2020’s and beyond, enough people will become unemployed that something new will be required.
    The existing “isms” are all scarcity-based. A Celebration Society will be the first type of society based on sustainable abundance. This rests on the provable facts that (a) all material wealth is some confluence of matter, energy and organizing intelligence (in future, mostly software), and (b) supplies of all three will soon become effectively unlimited.
    A Celebration Society will be organized as an open-source model, designed to be self-sufficient and share its knowledge with others. In this way, the model can grow exponentially as wanted and desired elsewhere, once proven viable through simulation, testing, refinement and eventual real-life testing and improvement.”
  4. Five pages: http://bit.ly/1LN1ATQ
  5. Ten PowerPoint slides: Very Brief Overview
  6. Complete book: http://www.acelebrationsociety.com/

If one reads the five pages, the ten slides, and the FAQ page, that is a good introduction to the core concepts. For a detailed roadmap, including the relationship of AIs to Celebration Societies, here is a 21-minute Keynote address to the Million AI Startups Group in Silicon Valley