Jonathan Kolber’s book paints the future we want to create!

— Vivek Wadhwa, Fellow at Stanford University, columnist: Huffington Post, Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Prism

A far reaching elucidation of many of today’s (and more importantly, tomorrow’s) global problems, but he has also done that rare and difficult thing – provided a thoughtful and detailed solution to them….The coming economic disruption that will be caused by automation and robotics in the next few decades will create enormous social upheaval – and whether that effect is negative or positive depends on how many people will seriously embrace the principles in this book.

— Alexander R. Bandar, Ph.D., Founder/CEO of the Columbus Idea Foundry, the world’s largest and most active community workshop

This is an unusual book that you have to read. Most works on “the future” are familiar treatments of fairly well-known issues, whereas Jonathan Kolber has given us exactly what the title suggests—a celebration of the marvelous breakthroughs ahead and their profound possibilities. Well-researched and beautifully written, this book will inspire you.

— William E. Halal, , Ph.D., George Washington University and President of TechCast Global; Author, Technology’s Promise: Expert Knowledge on the Transformation of Business and Society

Well-researched and instructive, this is a must-read for people interested in creating a more positive and meaningful society.

— Brian Vicente, Esq., Partner, Vicente Soderberg and Co-Director of Colorado’s Amendment 64 campaign

An excellent book which is a par excellence achievement that connects 26 widely disparate domains. Very well written…. every chapter and page had great insights.

— Rohit Sharma, Founder of Perchingtree; Author, Luck Reengineering and Mental Model Innovation

A monumental work that not only examines the human condition from numerous perspectives but, based on scientific research into many areas, offers real solutions to the many problems we humans of this planet face today and will most likely face tomorrow. Jonathan Kolber has done a masterful job.

— Mark Kimmel

The research and writing of this book has obviously been a massive undertaking.… I started to read it as just another attempt at idealizing a Utopian Society. I had all the usual misgivings about his glossing over of inconvenient truths, or leaving gaping holes in his logic or reasoning. However, the further I read, the more my misgivings were addressed and answered convincingly.

— Steve Friedman, retired geology teacher

Jonathan Kolber has created the blueprint for growth and effortless prosperity by shifting from the competitive model to the cooperative model.

— Berny Dohrmann, Founder of CEO Space International; Author, Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution

Takes a systematic look at every function of a civilization: from economics to well-being to governance, and paints a picture of a civilization that is based on abundance instead of scarcity.

— Infoversant

If ever there was a book that came close to sufficiently collecting all the most intelligent ideas and thoughts on potential consequences of future technology, Kolber has achieved it with A Celebration Society. He addresses a wide array of topics ranging from government, education, energy, ethics, access to life’s essentials, lacking only a discussion on issues of private property. It is a rare treat to find a book with an intriguing subject, an engrossing writer, and a well researched topic. In A Celebration Society, we have all three.

— Todd William

A Celebration Society is a monumental undertaking and a masterful presentation. The depth and breadth of your research is impressive and convincing.

— Tom Doyle, Educator

The analysis of the issues that will force change is solid. The proposed solution requires a large number of cooperative people, a vast amount of shared capital, and a new form of government.

— Jeff Ronne

Nothing short of Mr. Kolber’s proposed celebration society will address this long ago warning from Albert Einstein, ‘I don’t know what weapons will be used to fight WWIII, but WWIV will be fought with clubs and stones.’

Mr. Kolber has set forth a coherent, thoughtful and brilliant alternative for our consideration, in the form of what he calls A Celebration Society. I see his dedicated work, if sufficiently and properly endeavored, as having the power to become the rudder steering us towards a future, without which, to paraphrase Paolo Soleri, all other accomplishments may turn out to be nothing ‘but way of wrongness.’ It is a wrongness which is tending to be on automatic pilot.

Sooner or later we will have to face these consequences. In summary, I see Mr. Kolber’s intellectual and poetic reasoning as being what needs to become our shared commitment.

— Vernon Swaback Managing Partner, Swaback Partners. Fellow, American Institute of Architects. Fellow, American Institute of Certified Planners. Former member of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin Fellowship. Founder, Two Worlds Community Foundation.

“A meticulously researched, fascinating and thoroughly engaging speculative-nonfiction treatise on a post scarcity, technologically-unemployed society during an age of instantaneous information, zero-marginal-cost abundance of resources and decommodified human labor utilizing existing and emergent technologies.

Of particular note was Kolber’s philosophical reevaluation of what it means to be a valued, “unemployed” human being in a society that traditionally values paid work in a game of artificial scarcity. His broad, far reaching knowledge of societal pitfalls as we careen toward the end of capitalism.

His ideas are incredibly thought-provoking, sound and should be carefully considered as an achievable and celebratory alternative to a potentially troubling time in our near future that will usher in a new industrial revolution and upset the very foundations of Western Society.”

— -M. Bryant Social Psychologist and Futurist